Your Past is Not Your Future: Create a Recovery You Love!

 A New Life - 90 day program

Let's start the integration process into your new life! When you begin the recovery process, old habits can creep back in and can destroy your newfound recovery. Self-sabotage can sneak up on you and make you miserable. I'll help you build healthy habits to keep you on track and support you in handling the pitfalls that can rise up to challenge you.

Whether you're just out of treatment or doing this on your own, learning how to live sober can feel like walking through minefields and I can help you navigate them. I know, I was there. We'll explore different paths to find the ones that are good for you and make you feel joyful. Are you in alignment with your true self? Together, we'll figure it out. I'll be there for you through the whole process and help you build a strong foundation. You can create a happy life!

HOW? 60 minute sessions 2x a week either in person or on the phone and daily check-ins by phone or text

 Joyful Living - 6 month program

Total immersion and integration into a life of recovery. By the time we've finished drinking and drugging, we often feel like we're not even a part of life or the human race. But that's a lie! You just have to learn how to integrate into a drug-free life.

It's possible to create a life you love and feel a part of it! You know that disconnected feeling? I felt it a lot too when I first got sober, but I moved through it, so I know it's possible to get you connected and aligned with your soul. When we leave addiction, there's a big hole left behind where drugs and alcohol used to be. We'll work together to discover what really matters to you and fill up that emptiness. You know those blocks you keep running into? Let's get creative and break them down once and for all!

I like to work with value systems and make sure you're in harmony with them. Which paths should you choose? We'll explore them and pick what your intuition is calling for. Negative thoughts? Unhealthy habits? No! Positive thinking and better life decisions are your new destiny. You can do this! You've got the power! Serenity is attainable!

HOW? 60 minute sessions 2x a week either in person or on the phone and daily check-ins by phone or text

 Soul Immersion and Support - 1 year program

An amazing whole year of total immersion, integration and support for living in recovery alcohol and drug free. I'll be your coach for an entire year helping you through the complexities of your new life and anchoring you into recovery. It can feel raw to get sober and it's easy to start slipping into old, familiar patterns. But those patterns often lead us right back to drinking and drugging. After all your hard work so far, you don't want to go back! I've been there and it hurts! I'll help you see what those patterns are and help you change them. I'm your accountability partner.

Once we're in recovery we often don't know who we are anymore or what we're about. Together, we'll discover who you really are underneath all the masks you had to use when you were "out there". You'll realize you're more powerful than you thought!

We'll explore your core values, which are your spiritual skill set, and we'll make sure you're in alignment with them. Next, we'll work on defining your life vision and work to combine that with your values. If you don't know what your vision is, that's ok, that's what I'm here for! Now it's time to set goals which are based on your ideal vision. And then, there are action steps! These will bring your hard work to fruition. We'll make sure your actions and visions are in line with your core values.

I'll help you every step of the way. You'll be rock solid and ready to roll when we're finished with our time together. Imagine feeling centered, serene and capable. This is your transformative year! Yes, it's possible and you can do it!

HOW? 60 minute sessions 2x a week either in person or on the phone and daily check-ins by phone or text

 Continued Expansion - monthly check-in support

After your program ends, stay on track and feed your spirit. Renew your resolve, discuss any problems that may have come up and ask any questions you have. I'll help you stay in alignment with who you've grown to be now and help you to continue to grow. Recovery is worth staying for. It's a roller coaster, but it's also exciting. It can be exhilarating and it can be hard. There's no reason to do it alone!

HOW? Two 45 minute sessions a month either in person or on the phone plus text and email support